About Us
Welcome to Cuneo Valley Ranch! We are a family established ranch located in Amador County that has been in the family for six generations. The ranch was mostly homesteaded over the years with Ulysses S. Grant signing our deed of trust. Not only do we raise goats, but we have also had sheep, cows and hogs throughout the years.

Our ranch started with Angora goats when my Uncle Vernon and Grandfather went to Texas and bought a truck full to bring back to California. That was about fifty to sixty years ago. The goats they brought back were used mostly for brush control around the ranch.

We started our boer adventure around 1987 when we  bought a Kiko Boer cross buck along with around 40 other cross bred goats from Stephani Berry of Lillie Hill Farms to breed for a better meat industry goat, little did we know what we were jumping head first into.

 2007 is when we really got into the Boer goat industry, and decided to go for a complete herd of Boer goats. We found Olive Knoll Ranch and a wealth of information and help from them. We then purchased a buck and six does from them. We had just bought our first few show goats. (Thank You Catherine and Ardelle.)

We met and have partnered with a couple more ranches that have also been very helpful in carrying us through our adventure. Such as Tim Mathies of Boers R Best as well as Justin and Jennifer Burns of J and J Livestock. They have helped us out tremendously.We have also made a name for ourselves in both the breeding and market industry. 

Our adventure continues as we are improving our heard each and every year. The grand-kids have taken a liking to showing the goats and we are looking forward to their continued success in the show and market rings. 

On 5/6/2015 we received our 1st Doe of Excellence for C12 D2R Callista.
We are excited to have achieved this special honor!



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