BRB3 Suprise Attack





2010 Grand National Rodeo and Horse Stock Show

  • Day 1- 1st Place Fullblood Bucks 6-9 Months.   Judge: Lance Ward
  • Day 2- 3rd Place Fullblood Bucks 6-9 Months.  Judge: Scott Pruett


2010 Sonoma County Fair

  • 4th Place Fullblood Bucks 6-9 Months/  Judge: Shelby Armstrong


2010 California State Fair

  • 2nd Place Fullblood Bucks Early Spring Kids.   Judge: Barney Fowler


2010 49er Jubilee

  • Day 1- 2nd Place Fullblood Bucks 3-6 Months.  Judge: Coni Ross
  • Day 2- 3rd Place Fullblood Bucks 3-6 Months.  Judge: Josh Taylor


2010 Alameda County Fair

        2nd Place FB Bucks 3-6 Months.  Judge: Michelle Compton




Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

NK Sneak Attack T376


KALR Surprise Surprise 

NK Ceo
KALR Coral Majesty's Guest
NK N304 Givinitago Muscam
NK M167


JJL Ka-Boom
AE Red Bomber NDR Dakota
AE Streak of Light
SDK Cory ROK Wizard
SDK Red Annie




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