C12 Blurred's Bullet (PQ) (10806767)


C12 Blurred's Ducky (PQ) (10806771)


ADVBG One Vision (SQ) (10762966) (sold)


S G R Joe Kool (SQ) (10736695) (Sold)

JAD SRB EVO's Trick Shot  (PQ) (10824876)

HAZE Mind Games (OT) *Sire of Merit* (10608988)


2JW Radioactive's Radio Flyer (SQ) (10747340) (deceased)

GHUT Y012 "Jabba" (deceased)




Other Bucks of Cuneo Valley Ranch
  • AAGB C12 Sourceres Damage (2DOX Sourcere **Ennobled**  x  AABG NBD 2nd to None)
  • AABG C12 Cuneos Ripper (TLB T333 Ripper  **Ennobled** x TRJ V06)-Sold
  • C12 BRB Jaxxon  (GHUT Y012 "Jabba"  x  Essex 55)- Deceased
  • C12 BRB Greedo  (GHUT Y012 "Jabba" x Essex 55) -Sold
  • C12 BRB Mr. BAMF
  • C12 Baloo-Sold
  • C12 Poker After Dark-Sold
  • C12 High Stakes Poker





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